22" Laburnum (wisteria)
I chose to use wisteria colors for this shade because I love the glass.  And with nearly 2000 pieces, you've got to love it!

Peony (16")
One of my favorite designs.....of one of my favorite flowers.

Mrs Posey's Peony (18")

20"Swirling Dragonfly
My interpretation of the 28" design by Tiffany Studios. The wings are made of glass stringers fused onto clear wings and plated from beneath with a multi-colored cathedral glass. I also fused the jewels.
Virginia Creeper (18")
A very unusual piece I created for a friend as a challenge.  I used a photograph to create the design and then fused glass layers together in a kiln before slumping them into hand carved molds.
Featured in the Association of Stained Glass Lamp Artists 2009 calendar.
Pond Dragonfly (14") 
This lamp was also designed using a photograph of a Tiffany Studios lamp. The glass I used for the 'ponds' as well as background has glass confetti, or fractures, on the inside. They are only visible when the light is turned on, creating an unexpected effect.
Poppy (20")
Tiffany studios created watercolor paintings from which the designs were created.  This lamp was inspired by one of those paintings and though similar to the actual lamps that were produced by the studio, there were significant changes.

(Dragonfly 20")
I fused the jewels for this piece (four layers of glass) because I wanted to bring out the citrus colors of the background. Lime green, lemon yellow, and a punch of red.

Columbine (16")

My own design depicting the flowers in various stages and colors.

 A Poppy for Emily (16")

A commission for dear friends. Vibrant colors well captured in this photograph by its owner, Rob.